The effect of graded level of rumen content fed to ninety growing snail, Achatina Achatina was investigated in a ten week experiment. Complete randomised designed (CRD) was used in which snails were assigned to three dietary treatment groups 10%,15% and 20% decomposed rumen content respectively, each treatment had three replicates with ten snails per replicate. The snails were fed ad-libitum. Growth parameter (weight Gain, feed intake feed to gain ratio were taken on weekly basis .snail fed 10% decomposed rumen Content recorded the highest weight gain (p less than 0.05 ) while those fed 20% decomposed rumen content recorded the least value of weight gain though there were no significant difference between those feed containig15% and 20% rumen content ( P greater than 0.05). Feed intake of those fed 10% rumen content was significantly higher (P less than 0.05) than the Other two feed samples .there was no significant difference among the three feed samples in terms of feed to gain ratio. The result shows that there is higher growth performance in snails fed 10% rumen content.

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