Publishers who are committee on publication ethics members and who support cope membership for journal editors should

Publishers who are working as committee and are responsible for publishing journals on morality and favoring oars membership for journal editors are supposed to

  • Motivate editors to adopt and apply OARS guidelines in their functions
  • Making the editors aware of the rights and duties as member of OARS
  • Offers justified, sufficient and concrete favor to editors to enable them to obey OARS manual of Journal Editors Publishers should
  • Describe in writing, the relations among publisher, editor and other concerned
  • Honor confidentiality of all concerned
  • Safeguard intellectual property and copyright
  • Nurture liberty of editors

Publisher should work with journal editors to:

Frame strategies accurately specially to enshure

Editorial liberty (freedom)

  • Research values which comprises privacy, agreement and distinct needs for human and animal research
  • Authorship
  • Crystal clear reflection/information [with truthfulness] of probable disputes, monetary contribution, reporting criteria etc.
  • Role clarity of editorial team members, journal editors and peer reviewers. Grievances and Entreaties
  • Making concerned people [such as authors, readers, peer reviewers etc.] aware of OARS Rules & Regulations
  • Volume-wise appraisal of journal rules and regulations specifically with regard to recent suggestions/amendments received from OARS
  • Expectations from Editors and OARS Recommendations
  • Sustain trustworthiness of academic data
  • Co-operate all the concerned authorities such as institutions, fund contributors, legal entities during scrutiny of doubtful research/publication/misbehavior and help them in reaching to solution/judgment
  • Publish corrigendum/erratum/disclaimers
  • Ensure to maintain punctuality in publishing article