Thirty-six species of fresh water algae were taxonomically identified. The samples were collected from rain-fed streams (Algaadha) in Shamshoki, District Karak during March to May, 2011. Algae was collected, identified and described from this area for the first time. These specimens belongs to 36 species, 25 genera, 17families, 15orders, 7classes and 5 divisions of Cyanophyta, Chlorophyta, Chrysophyta, Bacillariophyta and Ochrophyta including Oscillitoria (1 spp), Lyngbya (1 spp), Chroococcus (2 spp), Synechocystis (1 spp) Spirogyra (3spp), Ulothrics (2 spp)Cosmarium (2 spp) Oedeogonium (1 spp) Rhizoclonium (1 spp) Fragilria (1 spp), Synedra (1 spp), Diatoma (1 spp), Pinnularia (2 spp), Amphora (1 spp), Cymbella (2 spp), Surirella (1 spp), Cocconeis (1 spp), Achnanthes (1 spp), Nitzchia (2 spp), Navicula(2 sp) had one Stauroneis (3 spp) and Vaucharia, Epithamia, Mastogloia, Frustulia.

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