Vitamin and Mineral contents of five indigenous spices common in Nigeria were investigated. The spices include: ‘bailo’ (Uapaca guineense); ‘atarko’ (Zanthoxyllus zanthoxyloides); ‘amilo’ (Parinari excelsa); ‘uburo’ (Afromomum danelli) and ‘clove’ (Syzygium aromaticum). These samples are processed into fine flour, ashed at 5500c and later subjected to wet digestion using nitric sulphuric and perchloric acid. The mineral contents in mg/1 for iron, ranged from 0.99 (S.aromaticum) to 4.42 (U.guineense); zinc 1.24 (P.excelsa) to 3.81 (Uguineense); calcium 12.45 (Z.Zanthoxyloides) to 20.60 (A.danelli); magnesium 16.91 (P.excelsa) to 44.78 (A.danelli); potassium 48.97 (P.excelsa) to 153.66 (A.danelli); Sodium 64.77 (Z.Zanthoxyloides) to 155.70 (P.excelsa). The phosphorus contents for all the samples studied was insignificant. The data obtained for vitamin A showed that Z.Zanthoxyloides had the highest value (3.84 IU) and S.aromaticum the least (0.26 IU); while no value was detected for U.guineense and P.excelsa. Vitamin C contents also was highest for S.aromaticum (31.73/100g) and least for A.danelli (5.55mg/100g). These spices however can serve as mineral and vitamin supplements. The samples studied had good storage properties since they exhibited moisture content below 20%.

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