Background: Currently world population crosses the 7.30 billion and increasing continuously day by day. There is a great need to support an individuals in family-planning since increasing growth rate of world's population caused negative impact on sustainable, economic growth and increased poverty especially in developing countries. However, there is still no method available in the field of male contraception that satisfies the essential criteria of safety, efficacy, economy and complete reversibility. Clearly, there is a need for development of reversible contraceptive from natural resources. Therefore, we have performed the present study to examine the effect of Withaferin-A on the sexual hormone levels and to consider the effect of alkaloid of Withania somnifera on changes of glucose, cholesterol and triglyceride serum levels in male rats and can prevent the fertility of male albino rat by evaluating some andrological parameters such as sperm motility, sperm counts, rate of fertility and morphology which are some of the indices that determine the ability of a male to produce viable spermatozoa. Method: The Withaferin-A was separated by column chromatography; compound was finally purified by crystallization and identified with the help of NMR and administered orally at different dose levels. Animals were distributed equally into five treatment groups containing ten animals in each. Animals were administrated orally with Withaferin-A at the dose of 10, 20 and 40 mg/kg. body wt./day to male albino rats daily for 60 days. A marked dose-dependent decrease in the count and motility of sperms of treated rats was observed as compared with controls in a randomized controlled study and followed by 30 days recovery period. Results and discussion: This plant-based contraceptive inhibited male fertility, after administration of Withaferin-A from Withania somnifera. A marked reduction in counts and motility of caudaepididymal sperm in a dose-dependent manner was observed in treatment group but after 30 days withdrawal of treatment all these changes were reversibly observed in recovery group. Conclusion: The oral administration of Withaferin-A (Withania somnifera) in male albino rats produced a reversible antifertility effect.

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