Background: Occupational and environmental hazards are continually encountered by oil and gas workers in operational facilities. This study thus aimed at quantifying the noise level and air quality parameters within a crude oil flow station in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria. Methods: The study was conducted in one of the crude oil facilities at Escravosin Delta State of Nigeria. A descriptive, crosssectional design was adopted in the study. Area noise measurements were undertaken at 40 locations within and outside the facility using a CEL-485 (serial number 109776). Air quality measurements were undertaken in fourteen (14) locations within the facility using CASELLA Micro dust pro (Dust Monitor) and Multi-Gas Meter. Measured air quality parameters included Oxides of Sulphur (SOx) (ppm), Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) (ppm), Carbon Monoxide (CO) (ppm), Carbon dioxide (CO2) (ppm), Particulate matter (SPM) (μg/m3) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) (ppm). Results: While the noise level measured within the facilityranged from 76.8- 111.7 dB(A), measured locations outside the facility ranged from 32.6-69.5 dB (A). Air quality parameters within the facility were found to exceed the limits established by the Directorate of Petroleum Resources in Nigeria. Conclusion: Operation of a functional crude oil flow station simultaneously contributes to noise and air pollution, which are potentially harmful to exposed workers within the facility. The results of this study generated new issues concerning health and safety practices in the oil and gas industry, which could lead to future research. Innovative ways to mitigate the harmful impact of exposure to noise and air pollutants should be deployed concurrently with the operation of a crude oil facility.

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