The Schottky Effect and the Cosmos


  • Ordin S.V.


Adiabatic decomposition, Analysis of the microscopic substantiation


Adiabatic decomposition into fundamental forces without limiting their range of applicability contradicts both the stability of the crystal and the stability of the Universe, which leads to numerous “anomalies”. Analysis of the microscopic substantiation of the Schottky barrier and, in general, the final values of the measured macroscopic parameters of substances made it possible to clarify the LAW of the dependence of any potentials on the distance to the object, which corresponds to the minimum work function of the particles to infinity. At the same time, the fundamental forces correspond only to approximations of the total potential determined by this LAW in a certain area. The deviations of the canonized Coulomb or gravitational potential from the obtained total potential correspond exactly to the “anomalies” of the Schottky barrier for charges and “black holes” for gravity.See the preamble in the addendum to the article.

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The Schottky Effect and the Cosmos