Origins of dark energy and inflation in semiclosed Friedman model universe are sought by examining the imaginary pair of gravitationary bound Planckeon-Higgs boson composite requiring temperature T~1015K for thermal creation. Inflation is likely to be related to the singular nature of the transition amplitude D(s2) of the Higgs boson obeying PC-and Tsymmetric Klein-Gordon equation, between neighboring points separated by a space like distance s2 = (ct)2 – r2 < 0 in the ultraviolet region outside the light cone, past and future, violating time-symmetry and local causality .

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HOKKYO, Noboru. Planckeon Origin of Dark Energy and Singular Nature of Inflation in Semiclosed Friedman Universe. Global Journal of Science Frontier Research, [S.l.], nov. 2016. ISSN 2249-4626. Available at: <https://journalofscience.org/index.php/GJSFR/article/view/1879>. Date accessed: 23 jan. 2022.