The Atmospheric CO2 Purification Method


  • Tamara Tulaikova


atmosphere, co2, precipitation enhancement, clouds, acoustics


Our approach incorporates the effective stepwise CO2 purification in the free atmosphere by spraying of alkaline compounds together with acoustic acting inside the cloud via an aircraft. The alkalis cause significantly increases of the CO2 solubility in further rainy droplets during their gravitational fall to provide the effective carbon transport from under-cloud atmosphere to the ground. The second step proposes an acoustic influence where droplets are triggered inside clouds by sound waves for coalescence. Special acoustic generators are considered, also optimal regimes for cloud droplets have been found at low frequencies with necessary acoustical power. The proposed alkaline method can compensate for annual carbon emission by its application at 0.4% – 0.1% at our planet surface.

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The Atmospheric CO2 Purification Method