Waves need a media to travel and carry energy. A standing wave is an oscillation pattern with a stationary outline (envelope) that results either from the superposition of two identical waves travelling opposite directions or from an inner equilibrium vibration. A given particle that is bound (confined ) in a certain region of space is a standing wave and vibrates within the constraints of the envelope function y = 2A.sin(kx).cos.(wt) . Light is both, a particle and a wave.[39]. Since quaternion, as work is constant then W = q = (λ, ±Λx∇i) = Force (P) acting on wavelength (λ) = Normal stress σacting on area A is, (σ.A)xλ, and for A = 0 then becomes the linear Momentum = v􀴤xλ (since Stationary energy becomes Kinetic) and W =v􀴤xλ, .i.e. Work = Travelling Energy and because when converted into, velocity,v􀴤, in wavelength λ as background media, then this is the reason that doesn`t collapse by radiating away its or their energy.

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