The findings of strong gravitational lensing by Sgr A* indicate gravitation power/energy exist in the center of our milky way, though it is invisible. The presence of energy equal presence of mass (M= E/C², C² is constant). However, current perception of particles can be massless e.g. gauge bosons, the photon and the gluon (1) which create a centerpiece of confusion when we come to study dark matter and origin of universe. In this paper, the author will explain why all particles possess mass which is supported partially by 2013 Nobel Prize in Physics- the Higgs mechanism, which gives mass to fundamental particles. The big bang is the greatest event happened in the universe; it is unthinkable that such event left no trace in space; we must be blindfolded by something. In this paper, the author will point out what to look for so that we won’t miss out on the Universe greatest party.

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