This research was aimed to create valid, practical, and efective syntax of production based learning model in the context of Vocational Education and Training (VET). Production based learning is an alternative learning model of VET which is relevant to the needs of learners in developing their knowledge, attitude, and skills in learning process. Reserach methodology used was Research and Development by conducting expert validity test with Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and limited test towards production learning based model. The results of this reasearch were formed in syntax of production based learning model which consisted of; (1) Analysis of curriculum and learners characteristics; (2) Identification and product analysis; (3) Creating important questions about product; (4) Questions mapping; (5) analysis of equipment and materials needed of the product which was going to be made; (6) making schedule of implementation of making product; (7) process of making product; (8) evaluated regularly; and (9) creating bussiness plan. Finally, by applying production based learning model in Vocational Education and Training (VET) can help learners preparing themselves to enter work, as well as developing their critical thinking and having good moral attitude.

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