This work presents a new approach to gravitation. Instead of seeing mass as a source of gravitation, the opposite is assumed here. Namely, gravitation has been there first and ever since. Masses were brought into the game later, following highly energetic interactions between electromagnetic fields (photons), with the gravitation field. These interactions resulted in photon annihilation and pair (or jets) production processes. Though pair production is forbidden kinematically in an empty space, it is allowed when the interaction of an incoming photon with gravitation field occurs. Quantum fluctuations in the gravitation field create very intense geometrical distortions in spacetime which in turn allows for photons to undergo momentum changes in favor of pair production processes. The more mass created by these processes, the more is the distortion of the gravitation field and the more mutual attraction of masses to each other. This gradually leads to the accumulation of larger and larger masses. Mass considerations, under general relativity, lead to Planck length. This in turn, brings to conclusion on quantization of space. Quantum fluctuations in space, lead us to the basic definition of time.

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