Homelessness has been a central political topic in the United States for decades. Affordable housing shortages, substance abuse, deinstitutionalization, suboptimal social safety nets, and unemployment all contribute to homelessness. Research plays an important role in supplying valuable information to government agencies and nongovernmental organizations that provide services to this vulnerable population. In this study, two surveys were conduct in Los Angeles as part of the 2009 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count: i) a face-to-face survey that randomly sampled 3,073 adult homeless persons living on the streets or in shelters in Los Angeles; and ii) a telephone survey of 739 random adults living in Los Angeleshouseholds with landline telephone access. Comparisons between the two surveys revealed large discrepancies between public opinions on the causes of homelessness and the actual causes as reported by the homeless themselves. In this paper, we identify predictors among the general public that are likely to be linked with increased sympathy for the homeless as well as a willingness to help the homeless.

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