Exergetic Analysis in the Educational Field


  • Luis Gago

  • Nicolás Schpetter

  • Alejandro Mandrile

  • Natalia Stark

  • Matías Paesani


exergy; environment; education


The systematic review of the bibliographic heritage and other productions related to exergetic analysis highlights the growing use of this concept in the scientific community We find this thermodynamic tool associated with other dimensions the analysis of costs as an exergo-economy the environment as an exergo-ecology or as an emergy the search for indicators that establish a universal metric on human activity and its relationship with the environment environment to the dispersion of mineral resources to the production of renewable energies also to the social dimension as social exergy However it remains ignored by society and even worse by those who have the responsibility to make decisions This article humbly proposes to contribute to its dissemination in the educational field inquiring about some strategies that allow its teaching in different realities

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Luis Gago, Nicolás Schpetter, Alejandro Mandrile, Natalia Stark, & Matías Paesani. (2023). Exergetic Analysis in the Educational Field. Global Journal of Science Frontier Research, 23(H2), 57–63. Retrieved from https://journalofscience.org/index.php/GJSFR/article/view/102657

Exergetic Analysis in the Educational Field