Carbon Dioxide Is Not The Guilty


  • Ernani Sartori




Calculations show that the influence of the CO2 on the temperature is much less than one percent negligible therefore The new water cycle discovered by this author is demonstrated physically and mathematically showing the influence of certain human activities on the natural cycles and thus on the climate that is not as such influence been said to us up to now The science on global warming would never discover the new water cycle because it considers the atmosphere as a warming and monolithic body only as well as eliminates the water from the atmosphere Climate events depend on temperature differences not on a temperature alone Global temperature differences make no sense Global temperatures do not serve to explain climatic events because these happen locally or regionally In view of this global temperatures of 1 0 1 5 or 2 0 C by 2100 or lower global temperatures than these ones for the current days do not cause floods droughts hot air at one side of the planet and a terribly cold at the opposite one storms tornadoes hurricanes etc Each one of these events has its own causes and consequences Temperature differences are the driving force for the atmospheric events If the water vapor in the atmosphere existed in the direct relation with the temperature the Sahara would be the most humid place on Earth


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Ernani Sartori. (2023). Carbon Dioxide Is Not The Guilty. Global Journal of Science Frontier Research, 22(H8), 57–62.

Carbon Dioxide Is Not The Guilty