The levels of fatty acids, phospholipids and zoosterols were determined in the organs of domestic pig consumed in Nigeria on dry weight basis. The organs analysed were liver, muscle and brain. Results showed crude fat varied from 2.85-4.36 g/100 g; SFA varied from 34.4 -39.9 % of total fatty acids, total unsaturated fatty acids (TUFA) varied from 60.1-65.6 %, PUFA ranged from 23.9-30.1 % and MUFA ranged from 35.5-37.7 %. PUFA/SFA range was 0.598- 0.873; EPSI range was 0.659-0.848; AA/DGLA was 6.22-20.2; n-6/n-3 was 0.285-0.481 and EPA/DHA was 0.079-0.472. Fatty acid as food would be provided by 0.743-1.366 g/100 g (SFA); 0.796-1.239 g/100 g (MUFA); 0.574 -0.817 g/100 g (PUFA) whereas TUFA would provide 1.60-2.06 g/100 g. In energy from fatty acids: SFA would produce 27.5-50.5 kJ/100 g (34.5- 39.8 %); MUFA would produce 29.5-45.8 kJ/100 g (35.5-37.7 %); PUFA would produce 21.2-30.2 kJ/100 g (23.8-30.1 %) and TUFA would produce 50.7-76.2 kJ/100 g (60.0-65.4 %). Correlation coefficient (rxy) showed that liver/muscle, muscle/brain, liver/brain were each significantly different from each other at r = 0.05. In the phospholipids, phosphatidylcholine was mostly concentrated in all the samples having a range of 223-307 mg/100 g (58.0-63.8 %) and liver/muscle, muscle/brain and liver/brain rxy were all significantly different at r = 0.05. Cholesterol was the only sterol with value greater than 0.00 mg/100 g or 99.996-99.997 %. Chi- square analysis showed no significant difference in the cholesterol at α ≤ 0.05. Uncertainty interval percentage (UIP) was calculated where standards were available using UIP of Beef-PorkFat Blend. The two most concentrated fatty acids in liver and brain were C16:0 [24.9 % (liver) and 21.2 % (brain)], C22:6 (DHA) [19.5 % (liver) and 20.0 % (brain)]; in muscle highest concentrated fatty acids were C16:0 (23.9 %) and C18:1 (oleic acid) (15.1 %).

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