Daily wind speed and directions obtained using wind vane and anemometer for a period of ten years (1995- 2004) were acquired from meteorological station located at longitude 07 o 41′ E and latitude 11o08′ W, altitude of 686 m in Nigerian college of aviation technolog Zaria. The readings were usually taken twice in a day, at 10.00 am and at 4.00 pm. The results showed a relative dominance of N-E. With 7251 direction counts recorded throughout the years N-E windhas3317 direction counts representing 45.75%, S-W 33.4%, N-W, 11.75% S-E 7.94% E, 0.68%; W, 0.30% S, 0.08% and N, 0.07%. The maximum wind speed of 3 m/s was obtained at a height of 10 m above the earth surface. There is an evidence of speed increase with height above the earth surface. The average extractable wind power per unit area wasnot less than 9 w/m2 in the area . It was also observed that dry season (N-E wind period), normally runs from the month of November to February whereas the rainy season (S-W wind period), and runs from the month of May to September.

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