The purpose of this project is to create a new line of thinking among we scientists and change the way which we understand things, therefore developing new theories in physics and science in a whole which will be able to answer to disturbing questions which the universe poses. The research problem that motivates this project is actually the complexity of our universe and the numerous phenomena which unfortunately we scientists can’t still explain given the improvement in technology like the black hole, gravitational lensing of light and questions like why is the speed of light what it is (300,000km/s)? Which factors aid in making it constant? In this project, we employ the use of practical evidence, real life situations and phenomena, theoretical formulations, theories and principles which form the bedrock of physics. Documents such as; ‘The evolution of Physics: From Early concepts to Relativity and Quanta’ , ‘The world as I see it’ both by Albert Einstein, ‘Advanced level Physics’ by Nelkon & Parker, ‘New school Physics’ by Anyakoha W.I therefore came up with the theory of photon quanta and my principle of light. I concluded that light isn’t just what we think it is but there’s more to light. There are charge carriers in light which are responsible for the numerous phenomena we fail to comprehend.I believe this new theory help we scientists in providing answers/explanations to phenomena around us and will take us a step further in understanding fully our universe and the mysterious black hole; at least we’re succeeding gathering the last pieces of the puzzle to fully understand light, matter and the whole universe.

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