Due to inadequacy in mathematics, physicists failed to see Einstein’s errors. For instance, the Einstein equation has no bounded dynamic solution due to missing the gravitational wave energy-stress tensor with an antigravity coupling, his calculation of the perihelion of Mercury cannot be justified with perturbation, and he did not see that the photonic energy must include gravitational wave energy. To derive the photonic energy, general relativity must be used. Following Einstein faithfully, Hawking never produced any verifiable predictions. This is due to that E = mc2 is incon-sistent with the Einstein equation and is a major error. In fact, their space-time singularity theorems are based on invalid assumptions in physics, and thus the results are irrelevant. Einstein wrongly rejected the repulsive gravitation due to the charge-mass interaction. Experiments confirmed such errors, and the current-mass interaction implies that the weight of a magnet is directional. The repulsive gravitation implies to measure mass through gravity is invalid. He also failed to extend general relativity to a five-dimensional theory because of the need of unification between gravitation and electromagnetism. The hovering of a charged capacitor on earth is due to the repulsive gravitational force which cannot be screened. His covariance principle is proven invalid by explicit examples, and the physical Riemannian space with a Euclidean-like structure is different from a mathematical Riemannian space embedded in a higher dimensional Euclidean space. This error has misinterpreted the Hubble’s law as evidence for an expanding universe.

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