In prior Articles[68-70] was shown that all Particles are Quat ernion having, their mass as the Real part and energy as their Imaginary part. Energy is the Work produced, i.e. a force acting on a Displacement in One-Two and or Three directions, and which is conserved. In order that this Motion is conserved as Displacement in all directions, then this Displacement must be kept, Quantized, in a Finite Space differently is annihilated. In Mechanics the only-possible motion in a Finite-Space, is the Periodic excitation and the Revolving motion. Oscillation or Displacement is the Removal of a point A to another point B, not coinciding with point A. Vibration is the Periodic motion of a point A to another point B and vice versa. Line-segment AB is the Material-Point, the dipole[⊕↔⊝] of the Material geometry, in-where Point A is the Positive ⊕ and Point B is the Negative ⊝. Material Points, Segments etc. consist the Physical Structures.

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