Participatory evaluation and demonstration of both grass and herbaceous legume forage crops namely Panicum antidotale, Rhodes grass, Cinchrus cilliaris and Medicago sativa and Dolichos lablab were undertaken under agropastoralist area under irrigated condition in middle awash irrigated area at farmers training centre during 2016 G.C. Agropastoralists PRG group formation and problem identification under taken prior to the implementation of demonstration activity. land preparation, sowing and overall husbandry was undertaken based on the agronomic recommendation so far developed by Werer Research Centre and the whole forage cultivation activity undertaken by the members of PRG. Variety evaluation in participatory way and organization of field days undertaken to collect the perception of agro-pastoralists towards the productivity of each forage crops and to create linkage for further adoption of the technology. From herbaceous grasses panicum antidotale is found to be better in plant height, early maturity and higher fresh and dry matter yield. Rhodes grass is found to be late in maturity but with better biomass yield followed by panicum antidotal but cinchrus cilliaris is found to be tolerant to stress but with lower dry matter. From herbaceous legumes dolichos lablab is found to be superior in early maturing and biomass yield however due to the possibility of multiple harvest from Medicago sativa the annual biomass yield and cost of production is found to better for Medicago sativa. Agropastoral perception collected indicated that among the tested forage varieties from grasses interms of biomass yield, early maturing, leaf to stem ratio, ease of establishment, multiple harvest and nature of purpose as well a resistance to stress Panicum ranked first followed by rhodes there by cinchrus species, from leguminous species Dolichos lablab is found to be better in most of agro-pastoralists evaluation criteria but due to the possibility of multiple harvest without replantin

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